Happy Women’s Day!!

Happy International Women’s Day! The struggle continues

Let’s welcome and celebrate International Women’s Day.

In reality we know everyday should be International Women’s Day. Because every single second, minute and hour we the women are bringing babies into the world. We are raising, teaching, feeding and providing for our families (often to the very sacrifice of our own needs and desires) day in and day out.

Women. We don’t slow down

Not because we don’t want to or it isn’t needed, We collectively keep it moving because we have to. While the men are busy being men (sigh) we the women of the world, keep on fighting the good fight. Fighting for equality on many fronts, from economic to basic human rights. We will not arrive, not until all women arrive together.

We are fighting for our very lives and struggling against huge obstacles

To the woman in the UNMISS camp, may the ancestors and the Creator be with you. For many having faith is the only thing which keeps them going. To the woman in the refugee camps in Africa and around the global community keep your heads up. For to give up is to accept defeat, and we cannot afford to give in to the negative forces working so diligently against us. Let’s keep the heart fires burning and help each other one day at a time.

Whether it be a physical camp or a mental camp!

If you are reading this then there is a good chance you too are a survivor. Life isn’t given to us in the spirit of fairness. We have to fight for fairness. We have to fight to be respected. We must fight for education. We must fight for healthcare. We must fight for political parity. We must fight for our human rights. The hardest thing is to be born a woman. By virtue of our very womanhood we are subject to physical abuse and rape at a much higher rate than our male counterparts. And even as we work to prevent and eliminate the spectra of rape we have to provide framework to address these issues. We must provide adequate support to help women cope and heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. We must do this, now!

You don’t need a reason to provide a helping hand. There is opportunity in your community. Local women shelters and food pantries always need donation and volunteers. Give to local charity branches but check out the good work the  following organizations are doing:

Woman Made

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

Alliance For International Women’s Rights

T.E.N. Charities

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