About Me

My name is Nyamal but friends and family call me Mal. My name is a traditional South Sudanese female name. The name means “girl of peace,” in the Nuer language.

I was born in Ethiopia to Sudanese parents. I am multicultural and a trilingual young woman straddling three cultures (Sudanese, Ethiopian and American) living in the heartland of America.

Basically, I am anything but your typical African woman. Most Africans (like most American) eat meat. I do not. I am a vegetarian. Most African woman traditionally are wed between eighteen years of age and their early twenties. I am in my late 20s. So, most men and woman in the Nuer community consider me to be an old maid. However, I am more concerned with finishing my degree and pursuing a career than getting married and having babies. Not that there is anything wrong with going the domestic housewife route. But it isn’t for me, because I want to change the world and have a significant  and meaningful impact back in South Sudan and Africa.

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